Note 2

When I neither succeed nor fail, I fail—this is utter failure. And when I succeed, either I will continue to succeed, or perhaps I will fail—50/50. But when I fail, I will definitely succeed: first because I am active, and second because I am motivated to rise out from the undesirable position of failure. A hungry man will not sit idle (utter failure=death), but continue to search for food until he finds it, whereas a full man will search for food either when he is hungry, or when he is full (50/50) and therefore face a 50%-chance to be forced to search for food when he is hungry. So failure will always lead to success, but I don’t have to fail in order to succeed; I don’t need to lose my limbs to change my outlook on life and become super-motivated. I can and prefer to find my food before I am hungry.


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