Note 3

It is not true that people change. More likely, our personalities which are psyche-controlled manifestations of nurture and nature lie on a spectrum which has two extremes, and what’s more interesting, in my opinion, is the mobility of the points (each point being a given personality characteristic) on this line of total personality (aggregation of majority of personality traits in one area of the line). So the line thickness, length, elasticity, and colour receive changes from the psyche which is a conscious whiteboard, which in turn, receives its instructions from the frames of reference that are established by the Non-Freudian unconscious mind. The creation, elimination, dispersion and aggregation of personality trait points on this line are mostly under the instructions of the hardware of the mind—the physical brain and what nutrients, sleep deficiencies, rest conditions, stress levels are interacting with it—and the software—the collective plasticity-affecting influences of thoughts, events, wisdom, learning, and the immediate surroundings and its inputs. People change along this spectrum and may even reach extremes of their line, but because their trait points may be quite equally dispersed along this line, we don’t see their extremity; only sometimes when more than half of personality traits crowd in one area do we feel a person is acting weird, or has changed.


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