Note 13

We unconsciously pick cues from our immediate environment, that is, we have the capacity to self-brainwash and assimilate into our immediate contexts. The wise one will, however, chooses what to filter from the contexts by consciously picking his visual and mental inputs carefully so to cancel out negative cues with the positive ones, eventually completely tuning out the negative cues and remaining with positives only. This, the Ancient Chinese called Junzi, or a Developed Character, or a person of virtue, or what the Germans call “jemand vollendete” or someone roundly accomplished. For instance, if you are at a party, in your non-vollendete state, you are more likely to do whatever others are doing; even if you are aware that you must be a Junzi, the power of the context will exert enormous pressures for you to comply. But if you beat it and repeatedly, congratulations: you are in control of the situation rather than vice versa.


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