Note 20

If you do things before their time, you will fail. If you do things too late, ditto. So how do you know it’s “time”? I have realized that the best time is never so late that the results become irreversible, nor so early that creates suspicion, or doesn’t allow you to bear the fruits of your task. There is, in fact, no single time “point” or what the Germans call Zeitpunkt. It’s more like a time-stretch, and you choose a point on this stretch depending on external variables. You attempt your projects along this stretch so as to not be forced to dread deadlines; but being too early also means you are skipping one project and instead accomplishing another project too early for its time, in which case the skipped project fails and the too-early project ditto doesn’t benefit you as it should: your appointment is at 8:00 and what use is arriving there at 5:00?


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