Note 23

You can’t always have what you want: this is the limit of your free will. You can have what you didn’t or couldn’t imagine you can have: this is the reality of your Fate. But such discussions are simplistic at best. Between 1 and 2, infinite number of sequences exist: 1/2 and then 1/4 and then 1/10 and such that when 1/n, there will always be 1/n+m which will be more than 1/n but less than 2, which is the limiting value. In theory (Zeno’s), the rational number series will reach infinity without ever reaching 2. But we do have 2, and in practice, we do reach a destination we set out for. The problem with this paradox is that in “abstract” such infinite divisions that continue forever are imaginable and logical, and yet in “practice” lose their infinity by being limited with a finite limiting value. So from 1 to 2 we face an infinity of series of numbers which are limited by the final value 2. How do we reach the finite as the sum of infinite series? This paradox is true, and so is your free will (infinity of series) versus your Fate (finite limiting value). All we can do is accept our inability to process paradoxical truths, which is a lesson in humility and an invitation to Wonder, since only God Knows Best.


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