Note 26

The Wise are friendly but not naive, kind but not weak, simple but not simplistic, wondrous but not childish, knowledgeable but not pedants, practical but not cruel, prudent but not paranoid, relaxed but not lazy, workaholic but not busy all the time, religious but not touting it, good but not to those who are bad, humble but not servile, silent but also eloquent, artistic but not freaky, health-conscious but not dogmatic about it, thinkers but not philosophizers, brave but not careless, frugal but not mean, generous but not extravagant, clever but not conceited, sensitive but not impulsive, strong and appearing so, lively but not excited, calm but not morose, friendly but not soft, mysterious but not secretive, charming but not a peacock, successful but not afraid of failures.


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