Note 30

Mathematics, trigonometry, geometry, algebra, calculus, and logic—the tools that can manipulate abstract ideas at levels that are physically impossible to do; the resultant discoveries can be applied to the physical world, but this doesn’t mean that the primary functionalities of these pure sciences are for practical purposes only. Their primary functionalities concern the discovery of higher truths from simple computations and rules that were derived from most intuitively sensible short-cuts. Thus it is possible to imagine that no higher-order abstract thought that is not rooted in intuition and subjected to basic logic should be acceptable simply because “it is too hard to understand or intuit”. In this regard, thus, both Samuel Johnson and George Berkeley were wrong. Berkeley’s esse est percipi (to be is to be perceived) covers only half of the truth (and half-truths are like half-doctors), while Johson’s kick (he kicked a rock to prove Berkeley was wrong and matter DID really exist) is a typical dogmatic refusal of Scientifc truths of a higher order.


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