Note 34

For a long time I had been wondering about the reason for the creation of Mosquitos. The objective truth should be far too many reasons than I can even fathom, but today, when some mosquitoes were busy making my life difficult it dawned on me that when the mosquito stings and is full of blood, it also becomes heavier, greedier, and stupid. Minutes within their feeding frenzy I killed them all with relative ease. This can act as a visceral lesson for us, humans, that if we are relentlessly pursuing greed, or feeding ourselves from sources we shouldn’t (illegal, unethical sources) then we will, too, be wracked for it. Another lesson here is paying attention that, if we achieve success in life, we should not be dizzy and arrogant and careless like the well-fed mosquito so that we don’t fall into the abysmal well of blunders.


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