Aphorism 35

It is enough for you to pity the people who annoy you because instead of farming their brains for ideas, they are stuck in the trap of annoying others.


Aphorism 34

Arrogance implies unlimited success, and therefore limits success. Humility assumes no such limits, and therefore leads to more success.

Note 36

When I know I can afford not to make a certain decision, then I must not. In life, there are parallels; sometimes you will be doing things which are objectively useless, but it would appear to you that you are progressing, or doing something useful with your time. Obsessive compulsive shopping or any hobby inflates itself beyond its natural limits falls into this category, as are all those activities that give an illusion of being busy. The other side of this is the real, and objective, progress and action, which comes from asking yourself what you would lose if you didn’t make a certain decision. If what you lose is serious, not making that decision is the ticket to the other parallel.