I have a question for you: if we step into a river, is it still same river?

Queen of Spades would say: no, since the river is flowing, it cannot be the same river.

King of Hearts would say: of course yes; the river didn’t physically go anywhere or replace itself, it still is the same river.

Jack of Clubs would say: it both is and isn’t. The river bed is the same, but its water is not because new water flowed in. So it is a [river] in its absolute value format because the river bed is more fundamental than the flowing water: we can still call it a (dry) river, even if all its water is gone.

Ace of Diamonds would say: What does it matter if it is the same or not? It is a river, and so long as it is, what matters is why I stepped into it, or whether I should (have) step(ped) into it.

Steel Nino would say: Silence! enjoy the river. Be cool. Savour the natural sounds. Put both feet in the river and let sunshine massage your knee pads and shins. Sip on that freshly squeezed pomegranate juice. Breathe the fresh air. Count your blessings. Watch birds fly. Take your notebook. Write something that matters.

And don’t ask useless questions.


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